Allegheny Mineral has a comprehensive environmental compliance program which ensures that our operations meet or exceed requirements of applicable environmental laws, regulations and local rules, while also being responsible stewards and protecting the environment. Our environmental program is implemented through the efforts of our employees, whose leadership enables our company to succeed in our environmental vision. The environmental program focuses on:

  • Conserving natural resources and energy
  • Conducting our mining activities in a manner that minimizes impact to the environment
  • Performing internal environmental audits and inspections to review performance of facilities
  • Continual evaluation of the manufacturing process in an effort to minimize waste
  • Independent third party review of our facilities
  • Creating a corporate culture that supports our environmental mandate
  • Support of innovative reclamation and end use plans

Allegheny Mineral supports our environmental program by continually evaluating our own operations. This proactive approach allows us to address environmental risk and regulatory obligations quickly and efficiently, resulting in facilities that have been recognized both regionally and nationally for their environmental practices.

Environmental performance within Allegheny Mineral is guided by our environmental staff; however, all employees throughout the organization play an important role in implementing procedures on a day-to-day basis. By working together, Allegheny Mineral is able to achieve its environmental goals through environmental management procedures and systems, recycling of materials, energy conservation, and land stewardship.

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