Allegheny Mineral’s success depends on the successful relationships we build with our external stakeholders. Consequently, we strive to establish positive and productive relationships with customers, business partners, community members, government organizations and non-government organizations. Allegheny Mineral is able to engage with our stakeholders in an open and honest way by communicating regularly with public representatives and regulatory agencies to address policy issues.

Each year we proudly support and invest in dozens of community-based organizations through donations, sponsorships, employee volunteerism and fundraising for programs that improve the quality of life for people in our communities. Our commitment spans organizations that focus on education, the arts, youth sports, senior citizens, community services and youth agencies, all of which enhance the vitality of the communities that we call home.

Our commitment has been recognized through awards for community service and environmental excellence on a local level, as well as on a national level.

Wherever we are, Allegheny Mineral strives to be a good neighbor, sharing the concerns of our communities and working to create a better future.

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