Butler-Freeport Community Trail


PennDOT provided a $760,000 grant for the multi-community Butler-Freeport trail improvement project, which PennDOT is overseeing. The project includes repavement of the 10 to 11 miles of the 21-mile trail, which is expected to be completed in August.

The project area extends from Herman in Summit Township, south through Jefferson, Winfield, Buffalo and South Buffalo Townships and Freeport. The extensive use of the Butler-Freeport Community Trail, as well as erosion from severe weather, had diminished the trail surface, thus requiring improvements to the trail and its drainage system. Erosion of the trail surface has also lead to a potential safety hazard for the users of the trail.

Allegheny Mineral provided 2A, R5 and R7 for the project, as well as Trail Mix aggregate that was placed using an asphalt paver.

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