Slippery Rock Municipal Authority


DSC03177Slippery Rock Municipal Authority recently completed a $9 million waste water treatment plant. The project was under the supervision of township supervisor Paul Dickey, who is also the general manager of the authority Slippery Rock Municipal Authority.

The previous waste water treatment plant was built in 1923 and it underwent expansions and upgrades in 1955, 1964 and 1982, making it 30 years since the last improvement at the plant. An evaluation of the plant showed the system was aging and could become overloaded during periods of heavy rain. The original plan was to renovate the old plant, but it was decided it would be more cost effective to build a new one. The new plant is fully automated and the only piece of equipment from the old plant at the new plant is the belt filter press, which presses sludge out of the water.

Chivers Construction of Erie County was the contractor. The project was engineered by HRG Engineering in Cranberry Township. The plant can handle up to 1.2 million gallons per day. Currently, its flow is 800,000 gallons per day.

DSC03531Allegheny Mineral’s Slippery Rock plant provided the limestone material to construct the waste water treatment plant. Throughout the construction Chivers Construction was very pleased with the quality of product and service provided from Allegheny Mineral’s Slippery Rock Quarry.

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