Theater Road


Theater Rd. March 2014 003Eleven to thirteen thousand motorists travel daily Route 422 through Kittanning Township, and unfortunately, some die due to vehicle collisions. Consequently, PennDot, Armstrong County and Indiana County collaborated on a 1.3-mile realignment project of that area – between Wray Plan Road and Rupp Church Road.

The $9.15 million project was the result of the collaboration between Armstrong and Indiana Counties since Route 422 in Pennsylvania runs to Ebensburg. Indiana County contributed $12 million toward the project, which was funding that was earmarked specifically for Route 422 projects in Indiana County.

The project will include Theater Road, Graham Road, and Rupp Church Road intersections, which will be realigned, and a left turn lane will be constructed. Liberoni was awarded the contract for the project, that is expected to have a duration of 20 months. The project will utilize 44,000 tons of asphalt and 27,000 tons of stone, along with excavating 188,000 cubic yards.Theater Rd. March 2014 005

Allegheny Mineral’s Worthington plant supplied the project crushed stone product including 2A and Rip Rap sizes.


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