Lt. J.C. Stone Field in North Park during improvments

When North Catholic High School opened its football season Sept. 2 against Springdale, the hosts Trojans were playing for the first time on a new artificial turf at Lt. J.C. Stone Field in North Park.

The North Park football field is a popular location for football games. As a result of heavy use in previous years by high school, middle school and other teams, the natural grass field was “turning into a mud pit”. The new artificial surface will hold up better, allow for more games and reduce maintenance costs.

All of the over 7,000 tons of stone for the project came from the Slippery Rock plant. The field is nearly 2 acres in size and has 6 inches of #3 stone over a geo-textile separation fabric. The #3 stone has a 4 inch layer of #57 and is topped with 1 inch of limestone sand. The # 57 stone was also used for the field collector drains and backfill for the retaining wall.

Lt. J.C. Stone Field in North Park during improvments

The most important part of the stone drainage base is the limestone sand finish. Prior to building the stone base a test pad was built to verify the drainage abilities of the limestone sand. This is done by imbedding a 10” pipe into the sand to a 1” depth and filling it with 6” of water and then timing how long it takes for the water to completely drain. This test is conducted three times and the water needs to drain at 1” per minute. Allegheny Minerals products facilitated drainage of nearly 2” per minute on the final test.

The artificial field was installed by Playing Surface Solutions, Saegertown, PA. Operations manager, Jeffery Wilson, commented “the crew at the Slippery Rock plant did a really nice job of getting the trucks loaded and on the road, which was critical given the project was just over 40 miles from the plant and so much material needed to be hauled in such a short time.”


Lt. J.C. Stone Field in North Park

  • The football field is named in honor of Lt. Joseph Charles Stone. Known as J.C. to his friends and family. J.C. enlisted to serve the USA in the Viet Nam War. He was a decorated Green Beret who gave his life for his country when the small village where he was engaged was overrun by the Viet Cong. His legacy is one of bravery.
  • Every March Ultrarunners from all over the country converge on North Park for the J.C. Stone 50K. A grueling race which is run in J.C.’s honor.

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