Slippery Rock Municipal Authority


Slippery Rock Municipal Authority recently completed a $9 million waste water treatment plant. The project was under the supervision of township supervisor Paul Dickey, who is also the general manager of the authority Slippery Rock Municipal Authority. The previous waste water treatment plant was built in 1923 and it underwent expansions and upgrades in 1955, 1964 and 1982, making it 30 years since the last improvement at the plant. An evaluation of the plant showed the system was aging and could become overloaded during periods of heavy rain. The original plan was to renovate the old plant, but it was…

Theater Road

Theater Rd. March 2014 003

Eleven to thirteen thousand motorists travel daily Route 422 through Kittanning Township, and unfortunately, some die due to vehicle collisions. Consequently, PennDot, Armstrong County and Indiana County collaborated on a 1.3-mile realignment project of that area – between Wray Plan Road and Rupp Church Road. The $9.15 million project was the result of the collaboration between Armstrong and Indiana Counties since Route 422 in Pennsylvania runs to Ebensburg. Indiana County contributed $12 million toward the project, which was funding that was earmarked specifically for Route 422 projects in Indiana County. The project will include Theater Road, Graham Road, and Rupp…

Worthington Bridge


Allegheny Mineral’s Worthington plant was a key supplier for limestone products for the complete bridge replacement in Worthington. AMC provided Rip Rap for stream bank stabilization, as well as subbase that was used for the bridge approaches. The new bridge was tested in late 2013 when record rainfall, in excess of 3 inches, was received over the Worthington area in a very short period of time (see photo). Officials said at least 200 homes sustained flood damage, mainly to basements. Several roads in the area had to be shut down and required major repairs. Flooding was described as the worst…

Wendell August Forge

Wendell Aug 2

Wendell August Forge is America’s oldest and largest forge, producing hand-wrought ornamental metalware and elegant giftware in aluminum and other metals since 1923. In March 2010, a devastating fire destroyed the Forge’s historical workshop, corporate offices and flagship retail store after a spark from a heating element in a spray booth ignited the area and quickly spread. A fire prevention device in the booth failed. Even though the company was able to continue production in a temporary location, the owners were determined to rebuild. Fast forward 3 years, and the company is now operating out of their new $8 million…



The new artificial surface will hold up better, allow for more games and reduce maintenance costs. All of the 7,100 tons of stone for the project came from the Slippery Rock plant. The field is nearly two acres in size and has 6 inches of #3 stone over a geo-textile separation fabric. The #3 stone has a 4 inch layer of #57 and is topped with one inch of limestone sand. The # 57 stone was also used for the field collector drains and backfill for the retaining wall.



As the pursuit of natural gas, via the Marcellus and Utica shale, expands into our territory Allegheny Mineral has accepted the challenge of producing material required for the oil and gas industry. Currently, we are supplying crushed limestone from all of our facilities to meet the demand for aggregate base at well pad sites.



The Freeport Bridge, also known as the Donald R. Lobaugh Bridge, was constructed in 1965 to take PA Route 356 traffic over the Allegheny River and to connect the Freeport Borough area to Westmoreland County. The bridge consists of a main span over the Allegheny River with a number of smaller spans on both approaches. The bridge rehabilitation will consist of upgrades to the superstructure, new piers and structures for the northern and southern approaches to the main span and a new reinforced concrete deck.